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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2011

191 tot 200 van 1650
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191   Hoofdstuk: Art dealers
O. Velthuis in: A handbook of cultural economics. - 2nd ed. (2011), p. 28-32-
192   Boek: "HIV is God's blessing" : rehabilitating morality in neoliberal Russia
J. Zigon (2011), viii, 258 p.
193   Boekredactie: Multiple moralities and religions in post-Soviet Russia
J. Zigon (2011), p. [vii], 238
194   Hoofdstuk: Multiple moralities: discourses, practices, and breakdowns in post-Soviet Russia
J. Zigon in: Multiple moralities and religions in post-Soviet Russia (2011), p. 3-15
195   Artikel: A moral and ethical assemblage in Russian Orthodox drug rehabilitation
J. Zigon in: Ethos, Vol. 39 (2011), p. 30-50
196   Artikel: Intraclass correlation associated with therapists: estimates and applications in planning psychotherapy research
S.A. Baldwin, D.M. Murray, W.R. Shadish, S.L. Pals, J.M. Holland, J.S. Abramowitz, G. Andersson, D.C. Atkins, P. Carlbring, K.M. Carroll, A. Christensen, K.M. Eddington, A. Ehlers, D.J. Feaster, G.P.J. Keijsers, E. Koch, W. Kuyken, A. Lange, T. Lincoln, R.S. Stephens, S. Taylor, C. Trepka, J. Watson in: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Vol. 40 (2011), p. 15-33
197   Artikel: The hide-and-seek of retrospective revaluation: recovery from blocking is context dependent in human causal learning
Y. Boddez, F. Baeyens, D. Hermans, T. Beckers in: Journal of Experimental Psychology. Animal Behavior Processes, Vol. 37 (2011), p. 230-240
198   Artikel: Therapeutisch psychologisch onderzoek bij mensen met persoonlijkheidsstoornissen: uitdagingen en kansen
H. de Saeger, J.H. Kamphuis in: GZ-psychologie, Vol. 2011 (2011), p. 22-28
199   Artikel: Testing a DSM-5 reformulation of posttraumatic stress disorder: impact on prevalence and comorbidity among treatment-seeking civilian trauma survivors
A.A.P. van Emmerik, J.H. Kamphuis in: Journal of Traumatic Stress, Vol. 24 (2011), p. 213-217
200   Artikel: Prevalence and comorbidity of Axis I and Axis II disorders among treatment refractory adolescents admitted for specialized psychotherapy
D.J. Feenstra, J.J.V. Busschbach, R. Verheul, J. Hutsebaut in: Journal of Personality Disorders, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 842-850