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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "FMG" en publicatiejaar: "2011"

AuteursM. Hoeve, J.S. Dubas, J.R.M. Gerris, P.H. van der Laan, W. Smeenk
TitelMaternal and paternal parenting styles: unique and combined links to adolescent and early adult delinquency
TijdschriftJournal of Adolescence
FaculteitFaculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Instituut/afd.FMG: Research Institute Child Development and Education (CDE)
SamenvattingThe present study examines the cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between fathers’ and mothers’ parenting styles and male and female delinquency using a sample of 330 Dutch families with a mid or late adolescent son or daughter (ages 14–22), followed across two measurement waves with a 5-year interval. Parenting styles of fathers and mothers were linked to delinquency. A significant parenting style by sex interaction was found: neglectful parenting was related to higher levels of delinquency in males and permissive parenting was linked to delinquency in females. A long term relationship was found between fathers’ neglectful parenting style and delinquency in males. Furthermore, results revealed that levels of delinquency were the lowest in families with at least one authoritative parent and highest in families with two neglectful parents, indicating that the level of delinquency was dependent on the combination of mother’s and father’s parenting styles.
Soort documentArtikel
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