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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2010

1531 tot 1540 van 1669
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1531  download 363765 Artikel: The Netherlands: health system review
W. Schäfer, M. Kroneman, W. Boerma, M. van den Berg, G. Westert, W. Devillé, E. van Ginneken in: Health systems in transition, Vol. 12 (2010), p. xxvii, 1-228
1532  download 447123 Artikel: Exposure to movie smoking, antismoking ads and smoking intensity: an experimental study with a factorial design
Z. Harakeh, R.C.M.E. Engels, K. Vohs, R.B. van Baaren, J. Sargent in: Tobacco Control, Vol. 19 (2010), p. 185-190
1533   Artikel: Her Majesty’s Bicycle. On national habitus and sociological comparison.
G. Kuipers in: Figurations. Newsletter of the Norbert Elias Foundation (2010), p. 1-15
1534   Artikel: Les machines politiques aux États-Unis: clientélisme et immigration entre 1870 et 1950
F. Bonnet in: Politix, Vol. 23 (2010), p. 9-29
1535   Hoofdstuk: Typologizing discriminatory practices: law enforcement and minorities in New York, Lyon and Milan
F. Bonnet in: Managing ethnic diversity after 9/11: integration, security, and civil liberties in transatlantic perspective (2010), p. 178-191
1536   Artikel: The evaluation of popular music in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands: a comparison of the use of high art and popular aesthetic criteria
A. van Venrooij, V. Schmutz in: Cultural Sociology, Vol. 4 (2010), p. 395-421
1537   Artikel: The national thing is a scenario not made for we third world massive: a case of working-class youth on Saint Maarten & Sint Maarten emancipating their minds from exclusive nationalism
F. Guadeloupe in: Transforming Anthropology, Vol. 18 (2010), p. 157-168
1538  download 363706 Artikel: Against 'green development fantasies': resource degradation and the lack of community resistance in the middle Mahakam wetlands, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
G. Nooteboom, E. B .P. de Jong in: Asian Journal of Social Science, Vol. 38 (2010), p. 258-278
1539   Artikel: (How) do norms guide Presidency behaviour in EU negotiations?
A. Niemann, J. Mak in: Journal of European Public Policy, Vol. 17 (2010), p. 727-742
1540   Boek: State building and conflict resolution in the Caucasus
C. Hille (2010), xiv, 359 p.