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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2010

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1391   Artikel: Classroom ratings of likeability and popularity are related to the Big Five and the general factor of personality
D. van der Linden, R.H.J. Scholte, A.H.N. Cilessen, J. te Nijenhuis, E. Segers in: Journal of Research in Personality, Vol. 44 (2010), p. 669-672
1392   Artikel: Criminality or monopoly? Informal immigration enforcement in South Africa
D. Vigneswaran, T. Araia, C. Hoag, X. Tshabalala in: Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol. 36 (2010), p. 465-481
1393  download 521423 Hoofdstuk: Who should take responsibility for unemployment compensation and activation?
P. de Beer in: Sit by and watch idly? Labour market policy in a period of crisis: conference report (2010), p. 33-37
1394   Hoofdstuk: Business authority and global financial governance: challenges to accountability and legitimacy
G.R.D. Underhill, X. Zhang in: The challenges of global business authority: democratic renewal, stalemate, or decay? (2010), p. 117-144
1395   Hoofdstuk: The league of Polish families between East and West, past and present
S.L. de Lange, S. Guerra in: Historical legacies and the radical right in post-Cold War Central and Eastern Europe (2010), p. 123-155
1396   Hoofdstuk: Modes of citizens' participation: associations between and determinants of social, civic, and political participation in cross-national perspective
T. van der Meer, M. te Grotenhuis, P. Scheepers in: Komparative empirische Sozialforschung (2010), p. 259-283
1397   Boekbespreking: 
E. Yates-Doerr in: Gastronomica, Vol. 10 (2010), p. 98-99 , Measured meals: nutrition in America
1398   Boekbespreking: 
E. Yates-Doerr in: Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of MultidisciplinaryResearch, Vol. 13 (2010), p. 607-610 , Cheap meat: flap food nations in the Pacific Islands
1399   Artikel: Interpretation of differential item functioning analyses using external review
N.W. Scott, P.M. Fayers, N.K. Aaronson, A. Bottomley, A. de Graeff, M. Groenvold, C. Gundy, M. Koller, M.A. Petersen, M.A.G. Sprangers in: Expert review of pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research, Vol. 10 (2010), p. 253-258
1400  download 521424 Boekredactie: Sit by and watch idly? Labour market policy in a period of crisis: conference report
P. de Beer, M. Zwiers (2010), p. 61