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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2009

21 tot 30 van 1868
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21   Rapport: Research-policy dialogues on migration and integration in Europe
R. Penninx, P. Scholten (2009), p. 7
22  download 137742 Rapport: The second generation in Europe: Education and the transition to the labour market
M. Crul, J. Schneider (2009), p. 35
23   Artikel: Do I feel sadness, fear or both? Comparing self-reported alexithymia and emotional task-performance in children with many or few somatic complaints
F.C. Jellesma, C. Rieffe, M. Meerum Terwogt, M. Westenberg in: Psychology & Health, Vol. 24 (2009), p. 881-893
24  download 129656 Boekbespreking: Brief review of: 'The living classroom: teaching and collective consciousness'
F.C. Jellesma in: Education Review, Vol. januari (2009) , The living classroom: teaching and collective consciousness
25   Artikel: How important is homeland education for refugees' economic position in the Netherlands?
J. Hartog, A. Zorlu in: Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 22 (2009), p. 219-246
26  download 130790 Proefschrift: Taking it personally : self-esteem and the protection of self-related attitudes
D.V. Wiersema (2009), p. 128
27  download 131414 Proefschrift: Working apart together : using ICTs in research collaboration
E. Vasileiadou (2009), p. 226
28  download 133368 Artikel: Brain responses strongly correlate with Weibull image statistics when processing natural images
H.S. Scholte, S. Ghebreab, L. Waldorp, A.W.M. Smeulders, V.A.F. Lamme in: Journal of Vision, Vol. 9 (2009), p. 29-
29  download 131059 Artikel: The effect of teacher psychological, school organizational and leadership factors on teachers’ professional learning in Dutch schools
F.P. Geijsel, P.J.C. Sleegers, R.D. Stoel, M.L. Krüger in: The Elementary School Journal, Vol. 109 (2009), p. 406-427
30   Hoofdstuk: ATTAC (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens)
V.L. Birchfield, A. Freyberg Inan in: The international encyclopedia of revolution and protest: 1500 to the present (2009), p. 297-301