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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2007

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661   Artikel: Effecten van video-interactiebegeleiding.
R. Fukkink, L.W.C. Tavecchio in: Pedagogische studiĆ«n, Vol. 84 (2007), p. 55-70
662   Artikel: Social comparison-based thoughts in groups: Their associations with interpersonal trust and learning outcomes
E. Molleman, A. Nauta, B.P. Buunk in: Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 37 (2007), p. 1163-1180
663   Artikel: Personal need for structure and creative performance: The moderating influence of fear of invalidity
E.F. Rietzschel, C.K.W. de Dreu, B.A. Nijstad in: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 33 (2007), p. 855-866
664   Artikel: Relative accessibility of domain knowledge and creativity: The effects of knowledge activation in the quantity and originality of generated ideas
E.F. Rietzschel, B.A. Nijstad, W. Stroebe in: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 43 (2007), p. 933-946
665   Artikel: Motivated information processing and group decision-making: Effects of process accountability on information processing and decision quality
L. Scholten, D. van Knippenberg, B.A. Nijstad, C.K.W. de Dreu in: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 43 (2007), p. 539-552
666   Artikel: Effects of experience and advice on process and performance in negotiations
W. Steinel, A. Abele, C.K.W. de Dreu in: Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Vol. 10 (2007), p. 533-550
667   Artikel: The secular rise in IQs in the Netherlands: Is the Flynn effect on g?
J. te Nijenhuis, H. van der Flier in: Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 43 (2007), p. 1259-1265
668   Artikel: Score gains on g-loaded tests: No g
J. te Nijenhuis, A.E.M. van Vianen, H. van der Flier in: Intelligence, Vol. 35 (2007), p. 283-300
669   Artikel: Work value fit and turnover intention: Same-source or different-source fit
A.E.M. van Vianen, I. de Pater, F. van Dijk in: Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 22 (2007), p. 188-202
670   Artikel: Tensions between the prescriptive and descriptive ethics of psychologists
O.F. Voskuijl, A.V.A.M. Evers in: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 72 (2007), p. 279-291