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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2003

1251 tot 1260 van 1576
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1251   Artikel: News and elections: German Budestag campaign in the Bild 1990-2002
H.A. Semetko, K. Schonbach in: The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, Vol. 8 (2003), p. 54-69
1252   Artikel: Social cues and impression formation in CMC
M.A. Tanis, T.T. Postmes in: Journal of Communication, Vol. 53 (2003), p. 676-693
1253   Artikel: Ability versus vulnerability: Beliefs about men's and women's emotional behavior
M. Timmers, A. Fisher, A. Manstead in: Cognition & Emotion, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 41-63
1254   Artikel: The global network society and the global public sphere
I. Volkmer in: DEVELOPMENT, Vol. 46 (2003)
1255   Artikel: To participate or not to participate: The link between survey participation, electoral participation, and political interest
J. Voogt, W.E. Saris in: Political Analysis, Vol. 11 (2003), p. 164-179
1256   Artikel: Framing Europe: Television news and European integration
C.H. de Vreese in: Javnost, Vol. 10 (2003), p. 116-118
1257   Artikel: Self, in-group, and out-group evaluation: Bond or breach?
R.E. Vries in: European Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 22 (2003), p. 609-621
1258   Artikel: A study of seismology as a dynamic, distributed area of scientific research
C.S. Wagner, L. Leydesdorff in: Scientometrics, Vol. 58 (2003), p. 89-112
1259   Artikel: Structure, conduct and performance of the agricultural trade journal market in The Netherlands
R.J.W. van der Wurff in: The Journal of Media Economics, Vol. 16 (2003), p. 121-138
1260   Rapport: Irrigation and collective action: a study in method with reference to the Shiwalik Hills, Haryana
A.J. Dietz, M. Kurian (2003)