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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2002

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951   Artikel: Social value orientation and impression formation: a test of two competing hypotheses about information search in negotiation
G.A. van Kleef, C.K.W. de Dreu in: International journal of conflict management, Vol. 13 (2002), p. 57-76
952   Artikel: North-South partnerships in development research: an institutional approach
I.S.A. Baud in: International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, Vol. 3 (2002), p. 153-170
953   Artikel: Team innovation and effectiveness: the importance of minority dissent and reflexivity
C.K.W. de Dreu in: European journal of work and organizational psychology, Vol. 11 (2002), p. 285-298
954   Artikel: The urge to smoke depends on the expectation of smoking.
M. Dols, M. van den Hout, B. Willems in: Addiction, Vol. 91 (2002), p. 87-93
955   Artikel: The utility of screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders (SCARED) as a tool for identifying children at high risk for prevalent anxiety disorders
M. Dols, M. van den Hout, M. Kindt, B. Willems in: Addiction, Vol. 97 (2002), p. 87-93
956   Artikel: De dynamiek van cognitie en emotie in de ontwikkeling van angststoornissen bij kinderen.
P.J.M. Prins in: Kind en Adolescent., Vol. 23 (2002), p. 250-265
957   Artikel: How innovative are Dutch immigrant entrepreneurs? Constructing a framework of assessment
E.R. Engelen in: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, Vol. 8 (2002), p. 69-92
958   Artikel: Towards an abolition of national retail planning in The Netherlands
D.V.H. Evers in: Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, Vol. 93 (2002), p. 107-113
959   Artikel: The steady advance of Wal Mart across Europe and changing government attitudes towards planning and competition
D.V.H. Evers, A. Hallsworth in: Environment and planning C: Government & policy, Vol. 20 (2002), p. 297-310
960   Artikel: Loi mathematique ou conjecture speculative? Un debat des annees 1920 sur la methodologie des projections demographiques
H.A. de Gans in: Population-F, Vol. 57 (2002), p. 91-120-