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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2002

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1041   Artikel: Do levels of income explain differences in game abundance? An empirical test in two Honduran villages
M.J. Demmer, R. Godoy, D. Wilkie, J.P.M. Overman in: Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol. 11 (2002), p. 1845-1868
1042   Artikel: Changes in grain size of sand in transport over a foredune
S.M. Arens, J.H. van Boxel, J.O.Z. Abuodha in: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Vol. 27 (2002), p. 1163-1175
1043   Artikel: Cloning Cultures: The social injustices of sameness
P.J.M. Essed, D. Th. Goldberg in: Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 6 (2002), p. 1066-1082
1044   Artikel: Cloning cultural homogeneity while talking diversity: Old wine in new bottles in dutch work organizations?
P.J.M. Essed in: Transforming Anthropology, Vol. 1 (2002), p. 2-12
1045   Artikel: Local financial benefits of rain forests. Comparative evidence from Amerindian societies in Bolivia and Honduras
R. Godoy, J.P.M. Overman, M.J. Demmer, L. Apaza, E. Byron Huanca, T. Leonard, W. Perez, E. Reyes-Garcia, V. Vadez, V. Wilkie, D. Cubas, A.K. McSweeney, N. Brokaw in: Ecological Economics, Vol. 40 (2002), p. 397-409
1046  download 14289 Artikel: Participatory budgeting in Villa El Salvador
M.A. Hordijk in: Local Government and Participation, Vol. 00 (2002), p. 12-15
1047   Artikel: Soil degradation in the West African Sahel: how serious is it?
D. Niemeijer, V. Mazzucato in: ENVIRONMENT, Vol. 2 (2002), p. 20-31
1048   Artikel: Population growth and the environment in Africa: local informal institutions, the missing link
D. Niemeijer, V. Mazzucato in: Economic Geography, Vol. 2 (2002), p. 171-193
1049   Artikel: Access to energy services for the rural poor
M. Snel, M. Baumeister, K. Kusters, H. Pronk, J. de Winter, A.J. Dietz in: Geographical Studies of Development and Resource Use, Vol. 3 (2002), p. 30
1050   Artikel: Explaining a miracle. Intensification and the transition towards sustainable small-scale agriculture in dryland Machakos and Kitui Districts, Kenya
A.F.M. Zaal, R. Oostendorp in: World Development, Vol. 7 (2002), p. 1271-1287