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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2001

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21   Artikel: Relations between the development of school investment, self-confidence, and language achievement in elementary education: A multivariate latent growth curve approach
R.D. Stoel, T.T.D. Peetsma, J. Roeleveld in: Learning and Individual Differences, Vol. 13 (2001), p. 313-333
22   Artikel: Time is on my side: optimism in intertemporal choice
M. Berndsen, J. van der Pligt in: Acta Psychologica, Vol. 108 (2001), p. 173-186
23   Artikel: Social mix and the neighbourhood effect: policy ambitions and empirical evidence
S. Musterd, W.J.M. Ostendorf, S. de Vos in: Housing Studies, Vol. 16 (2001), p. 371-380
24   Artikel: The polycentric urban region: towards a research agenda.
S. Musterd, R.C. Kloosterman in: Urban Studies, Vol. 38 (2001), p. 623-633
25   Artikel: Polycentricity, households and the identity of places.
S. Musterd, I. van Zelm in: Urban Studies, Vol. 38 (2001), p. 679-696
26   Artikel: Residential profiles of Surinamese and Moroccans in Amsterdam.
S. Musterd, M.C. Deurloo in: Urban Studies, Vol. 38 (2001), p. 467-485
27   Artikel: Quality of decision making and group norms.
T. Postmes, R. Spears, S. Cihangir in: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 80 (2001), p. 918-930
28   Artikel: How do we communicate stereotypes? Linguistic bases and inferential consequences.
D.H.J. Wigboldus, G.R. Semin, R. Spears in: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 78 (2001), p. 5-18
29   Artikel: Meaning-seeking in the illusory correlation paradigm: The active role of participants in the categorization process.
M. Berndsen, C. McGarthy, J. van der Pligt, R. Spears in: British Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 40 (2001), p. 209-234
30   Artikel: The interactive effects of infrequency of occurrence and expectancy on social group representations.
D. van Knippenberg, R. Spears in: Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 23 (2001), p. 281-289