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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2001

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11   Artikel: Viewing Spearman's hypothesis from the perspective of multigroup PCA: A comment on Schoenemann's criticism.
C.V. Dolan, G.H. Lubke in: Intelligence, Vol. 29 (2001), p. 231-245
12   Artikel: Investigating group differences on cognitive tests using Spearman's hypothesis: An evaluation of Jensen's method.
G.H. Lubke, C.V. Dolan in: Multivariate Behavioral Research, Vol. 36 (2001), p. 299-324
13   Artikel: Exhaustive additivity suggests a new stage not an alternative model: A commentary on Fowler, Hofer and Lipitkas
M.W. van der Molen, F.T.Y. Smulders in: Biological Psychology, Vol. 55 (2001), p. 227-231
14   Artikel: A theory-based measure of conflict management strategies in the workplace.
A.W.M. Evers, C.K.W. de Dreu, B. Beersma, E.S. Kluwer, A. Nauta in: Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 22 (2001), p. 645-668
15   Artikel: Students' and teachers' cognitions about good teachers
J.J. Beishuizen, E. Hof, C.M. van Putten, S. Bouwmeester, J.J. Asscher in: British Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol. 71 (2001), p. 185-201
16   Artikel: Deriving word meaning from written context: a multicomponential skill
R.G. Fukkink, H. Blok, C.M. de Glopper in: Language Learning, Vol. 51 (2001), p. 477-496
17   Artikel: Inclusion in education: comparing pupils' development in special and regular education
T.T.D. Peetsma, M.M. Vergeer, J. Roeleveld, S. Karsten in: Educational Review, Vol. 53 (2001), p. 125-135
18   Artikel: The Dutch policy of integration put to the test: differences in academic and psychosocial development of pupils in special and mainstream education
S. Karsten, T.T.D. Peetsma, J. Roeleveld, M.M. Vergeer in: European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol. 16 (2001), p. 193-205
19   Artikel: Another side to the coin: the unintended effects of the publication of school performance data in England and France
S. Karsten, A. Visscher, T. de Jong in: Comparative Education, Vol. 37 (2001), p. 231-242
20   Artikel: Inclusive education: recipe book or quest. On diversity in the classroom and educational research
Y.A.M. Leeman, M.L.L. Volman in: International Journal of Inclusive Education, Vol. 5 (2001), p. 367-379