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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2000

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471   Hoofdstuk: Writing Processes and Text Quality. Does knowledge about writing Processes represent actual writing process behaviour?
G.C.W. Rijlaarsdam, M.A.H. Braaksma, H. van den Bergh in: Writing Conference 2000. Programme and Abstracts. Verona, 6-9 September 2000. (2000), p. 147-147
472   Hoofdstuk: Writing processes and text quality: effects of L1/L2.
M.J. Couzijn, H. van den Bergh, G.C.W. Rijlaarsdam in: International Meeting of the EARLI SIG 'Writing'. Verona, Sept. 7, 2000. (2000)
473   Hoofdstuk: Language Awareness in the Dutch Mother-Tongue Curriculum.
A. van Gelderen, M.J. Couzijn, T. Hendrix in: Language Awareness. A History and Implementations. (2000), p. 57-88
474   Hoofdstuk: Stimulating awareness of learning in the writing curriculum.
G.C.W. Rijlaarsdam, M.J. Couzijn in: Metalinguistic Activity in Learning to Write. Series: Studies in Writing, Vol. 5. (2000), p. 167-202
475   Hoofdstuk: Writing and learning-to-write: A double challenge.
G.C.W. Rijlaarsdam, M.J. Couzijn in: New learning. (2000)
476   Hoofdstuk: The Power of Plural. The Acquisition of Written Morphology of Adjectives in a Non-flexical Language: Some Empirical Findings concerning Interference of Plural Nouns.
G.C.W. Rijlaarsdam, M.K. van Dort - Slijper, M.J. Couzijn in: Developmental Aspects in Writing. (2000)
477   Boekredactie: Language Awareness. A History and Implementations. Series: Studies in Language & Literature, Vol.2. International Perspectives on Mother Tongue Education.
L.J. White, B. Maylath, A. Adams, M.J. Couzijn (2000)
478  download 44650 Artikel: Qualities of instructional-learning episodes in different domains: the subjects Care and Technology.
M.L.L. Volman, G.T.M. ten Dam in: Journal of Curriculum Studies, Vol. 32 (2000), p. 721-741
479   Artikel: Sociale competentie: reddingsvest en levenskunst. Over de pedagogische opdracht in de praktijk.
G.T.M. ten Dam, M.L.L. Volman in: Pedagogiek, Vol. 20 (2000), p. 112-127
480   Hoofdstuk: New learning in social studies.
G.T.M. ten Dam, M.L.L. Volman, A.T.J. Vernooij in: New Learning (2000), p. 141-156