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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2000

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461   Boek: Gender, politics and communication.
A. Sreberny, E.A. van Zoonen (2000)
462   Boek: Television across Europe: A comparative introduction
J. Wieten, G. Murdock, P. Dahlgren (2000)
463   Hoofdstuk: Reinventing roots: New media, and national identity.
P. Bakker in: Media and Open Societies (2000), p. 205-211
464   Hoofdstuk: O rolos tes demosiografias sten koinonia tes pleroforias. In S. Papthanasopoulos (Ed.)
J.L.H. Bardoel in: Epikoinonia kai koinonia. Apo ton eikosto ston eikosto proto aioia (2000), p. 283-309
465   Hoofdstuk: Responsible and Accountable.
J.L.H. Bardoel, K.L.K. Brants, R. Plug in: Media and Open Societies (2000), p. 80-107
466   Hoofdstuk: Effects of identifiability in the long run: The impact of desegregation on identify salience and well-being.
N. Branscombe, T.T. Postmes in: Recent developments in studies of de-individuation in groups. (2000), p. 151-162
467   Hoofdstuk: The status of TV broadcasting in Europe
K.L.K. Brants, E. Bens in: Television across Europe: A comparative introduction. (2000), p. 7-23
468   Hoofdstuk: Designing for collaborative discovery learning.
W.R. van Joolingen in: Intelligent Tutoring Systems. (2000), p. 202-211
469   Artikel: The impact of television advertising on children's christmas wishes.
M.A. Buijzen in: Journal of broadcasting & electronic media, Vol. 44 (2000), p. 456-470
470   Artikel: The dynamics of innovation: from national systems and "Mode" 2 to a triple helix of university-industry-government relations.
H. dr. Etzkowitz, L. Leydesdorff in: Research Policy, Vol. 29 (2000), p. 109-123