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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 1999

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551   Artikel: Assessment of asthmatic breath sounds; preliminary results of the classifying capacity of human examiners versus artificial neural networks
S. Rietveld, M. Oud, E.H. Dooijes in: Computers and Biomedical Research, Vol. 32 (1999), p. 440-448
552   Artikel: Characteristics and diagnostic significance of spontaneous wheezing in children with asthma; results of continuous in vivo sound recording
S. Rietveld, M. Oud, L.H.M. Rijssenbeek-Nouwens, D. Vaghi, E.H. Dooijes in: Journal of Asthma, Vol. 36 (1999), p. 351-358
553   Artikel: Cough as the ambiguous indicator of airway obstruction in asthma
S. Rietveld, L.H.M. Rijssenbeek-Nouwens, P.J.M. Prins in: Journal of Asthma, Vol. 36 (1999), p. 177-186
554   Artikel: Stress-induced breathlessness in asthma
S. Rietveld, I. van Beest, W.T.A.M. Everaerd in: Psychological Medicine, Vol. 29 (1999), p. 1359-1366
555   Artikel: The Penn State Worry Questionnaire and the Worry Domains Questionnaire: structure, reliability and validity
S. van Rijsoort, P.M.G. Emmelkamp, G. Vervaeke in: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Vol. 6 (1999), p. 297-307
556   Artikel: Daily pain assessment: value for nurses and patients
M.E.J. de Rond, R de Wit, F.S.A.M. van Dam, Y. den Hartog, R. Klievink, R. Nieweg, J. Noort, M. Wagenaar, B. van Campen in: Journal of advanced nursing, Vol. 29 (1999), p. 436-444
557   Artikel: Expert witnesses
C. de Ruiter in: Infobulletin Forensisch Onderzoek, Vol. 3 (1999), p. 13-16
558   Artikel: Response styles on the Rorschach and the MMPI-2.
C. de Ruiter, M. Hildebrand in: Nederlands Rorschach Tijdschrift, Vol. 8 (1999), p. 5-11
559   Artikel: When unfamiliarity matters: changing environmental context between study and test affects recognition memory for unfamiliar stimuli
R. Russo, G. Ward, H.M. Geurts, A.P.J. Scheres in: Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Memory and Cognition, Vol. 25 (1999), p. 488-499
560   Artikel: Cognitive deficits after postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer
S. Schagen, F.S.A.M. van Dam, M.J. Muller, W. Boogerd, J. Lindeboom, P.F. Bruning in: Cancer, Vol. 85 (1999), p. 640-650