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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 1995

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211   Hoofdstuk: Action theory
S.E. Sonnentag, M. Frese in: The Blackwell Dictionary of Organizational Behaviour (1995), p. 6-8
212   Rapport: BASAM-rapport Siemens (plus 17 deelrapporten)
T.C. de Gilder, W. van Eerde, E. van Rooyen (1995)
213   Artikel: Reflected or deflected glory?: The impact of analogies on the perception of politicians and their policies
D.A. Stapel, R. Spears in: Politics and the Individual, Vol. 5 (1995), p. 79-89
214   Artikel: Students' judgments of the perceived risks of HIV infection as a function of sexual practice, sex of target and partner, and age and sex of student
R. Spears, S.C.S. Abraham, P. Sheeran, D. Abrams in: Journal of College Student Development, Vol. 36 (1995), p. 103-111
215   Artikel: Contextual determinants of strategic choice: Some moderators of the availability bias
D.A. Stapel, S.D. Reicher, R. Spears in: European Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 25 (1995), p. 141-158
216  download 5552 Artikel: Kinderen en badwater
J. van der Pligt in: Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor de Psychologie, Vol. 50 (1995), p. 31-31
217  download 15758 Artikel: Influencing risk-preference in decision-making: The effects of framing and salience
E.C.M. van Schie, J. van der Pligt in: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Vol. 63 (1995), p. 264-275
218   Artikel: The expression of emotions in simulated rape interviews
A. Vrij, A.H. Fischer, P. Holla in: Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, Vol. 10 (1995), p. 64-69
219   Artikel: Subtle discrimination of women in the Netherlands
A.J. Vrugt, M.C.E. Nauta in: Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 135 (1995), p. 601-606
220   Artikel: Does facial plastic surgery alter the social perception of patients by others: A cross-national perspective
H.D. Vuyk, E. Cambridge, E.J. Doosje, M.W. Vries in: Facial Plastic Surgery: International Quarterly Monographs, Vol. 11 (1995), p. 66-73