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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 2011

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 Hoofdstuk: The pursuit of the invisible revolution: Sigma in the Netherlands, 1966-1968
N. Pas in: Between the avant-garde and the everyday: subversive politics in Europe from 1957 to the present (2011), p. 31-43, 231-234
 Hoofdstuk: Mediatization of the Provos: from a local movement to a European phenomenon
N. Pas in: Between Prague Spring and French May: opposition and revolt in Europe, 1960-1980 (2011), p. 157-176
 Hoofdstuk: What’s a wh-word got to do with it?
E.O. Aboh, R. Pfau in: Mapping the left periphery (2011), p. 91-124
 Hoofdstuk: A point well taken: on the typology and diachrony of pointing
R. Pfau in: Deaf around the world: the impact of language (2011), p. 144-163
download 209736 Proefschrift: Superheroes and the Bush doctrine: narrative and politics in post­-9/11 discourse
D.A. Hassler-Forest (2011), p. 285
download 221781 Proefschrift: Tracing circles: literary dimensions in John Calvin’s Institutes
E. van den Hemel (2011), p. 279
 Hoofdstuk: A bestseller in context: referring to the Tsene Rene in early modern Yiddish books
S. Berger in: Studies in the history of culture and science: a tribute to Gad Freudenthal (2011), p. 419-429
download 212816 Proefschrift: The meaning of structure: the value of link evidence for information retrieval
M.H.A. Koolen (2011), p. xx, 227
download 212882 Proefschrift: The politics of adaptation: contemporary African drama and Greek tragedy
A.L.B. van Weyenberg (2011), p. 211
10  download 209496 Proefschrift: Paintings in the laboratory: scientific examination for art history and conservation
C.M. dr. Groen (2011), p. ii, 254