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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 2010

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21  download 173817 Proefschrift: Internet political discussion forums as an argumentative activity type: A pragma-dialectical analysis of online forms of strategic manoeuvring in reacting critically
M. Lewiński (2010), p. 240
22   Artikel: Bilingualism as a kind of therapy?
A. Hulk, S. Unsworth in: Applied Psycholinguistics, Vol. 31 (2010), p. 297-303
23  download 175608 Artikel: Esperanto: een taal van mij, een taal om van te houden = Esperanto: lingvo malfremda, lingvo amida
W. Jansen in: Inkoj, Vol. 1 (2010), p. 12-34
24   Artikel: Assessing comprehension of spoken language in nonspeaking children with cerebral palsy: application of a newly developed computer-based instrument
J.J.M. Geytenbeek, M.J.M. Heim, R.J. Vermeulen, K.J. Oostrom in: Augmentative and alternative communication, Vol. 26 (2010), p. 97-107
25   Artikel: Non-word repetition in Dutch-speaking children with specific language impairment with and without reading problems
J. Rispens, E. Parigger in: British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Vol. 28 (2010), p. 177-188
26   Hoofdstuk: La fundamenta Esperanto: nekontesteble eŭropa, sed…
W. Jansen in: La arto labori kune: festlibro por Humphrey Tonkin (2010), p. 271-284
27   Artikel: Hintergründe eines altniederländischen Textes
A. Quak in: Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik, Vol. 66 (2010), p. 63-74
28   Hoofdstuk: The traditional repertoire of the Tiruttani temple dancers
S.C. Kersenboom in: Bharatanatyam: a reader (2010), p. 53-68
29   Artikel: Reflections on the recent cinephilia debates
M. de Valck in: Cinema Journal, Vol. 49 (2010), p. 132-139
30  download 170441 Proefschrift: The foundation, planning and building of new towns in the 13th and 14th centuries in Europe : an architectural-historical research into urban form and its creation
W.N.A. Boerefijn (2010), p. 518