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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 2008

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701   Hoofdstuk: Learning to perceive a smaller L2 vowel inventory: An Optimality Theory account
P. Boersma, P. Escudero in: Contrast in phonology: Theory, Perception, Acquisition (2008), p. 271-301
702   Hoofdstuk: Teething, Chewing and the Babbled Syllable
J.M. van der Stelt in: The Syllable in Speech production (2008), p. 245-272
703  download 117957 Artikel: 'Dar' + gerund in Ecuadorian Highland Spanish: contact-induced grammaticalization?
H. Olbertz in: Spanish in Context, Vol. 5 (2008), p. 89-109
704   Hoofdstuk: The superstrate is not always the lexifier: Lingua Franca in The Barbary Coast 1530-1830
R.R. Selbach in: Roots of Creole Structures: Weighing the contribution of substrates and superstrates (2008), p. 29-58
705   Hoofdstuk: History of English Syntax
O.C.M. Fischer in: A Companion to the History of the English Language (2008), p. 57-68
706   Boekredactie: Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics
M.A. Woidich (2008), p. 132
707   Artikel: Two colonial grammars: tradition and innovation
A. Alexander-Bakkerus in: Asian Journal of Latin American Studies, Vol. 21 (2008), p. 215-255
708   Boek: Huehuetlatolli de Ahuehuepan. La palabra de los sabios indítenas hoy
J.A. Flores Farfán, C. Ramirez Celestino (2008), 120 p.
709   Hoofdstuk: The hispanicization of modern nahuatl varieties
J.A. Flores Farfán in: Hispanisation. The impact of Spanish on the lexicon and grammar of the indigenous languages of Austronesia and the Americas (2008), p. 27-48
710   Hoofdstuk: Chapter 2. México
J.A. Flores Farfán in: El español en América. Contactos lingüísticos en Hispanoamérica (2008), p. 33-56