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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 2007

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751   Hoofdstuk: On the syntax of negation and modals in German Sign Languages (DGS) and Catalan Sign Languages (LSC)
R. Pfau, J.F. Quer Villanueva in: Visible variation: Cross-linguistic studies on sign language structure (2007), p. 129-161
752  download 130958 Hoofdstuk: Dutch Diphthong and Long Vowel Realizations as Socio-economic Markers
I. Jacobi, L.C.W. Pols, J.P.A. Stroop in: Proceedings of the 16th ICPhS (2007), p. 1481-1484
753   Artikel: Effects of age on the acquisition of agreement inflection
W.B.T. Blom, E. Polisenska, F.P. Weerman in: Morphology, Vol. 16 (2007), p. 313-336
754   Artikel: Modality, infinitives and finite bare verbs in Dutch and English child language
W.B.T. Blom in: Language Acquisition, Vol. 14 (2007), p. 75-113
755   Boek: ilBahariyya - Grammatik und Texte
M.A. Woidich, H. Drop (2007), XXX + 372 p.
756   Boekredactie: Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics
K. Versteegh, M. Eid, A. Elgibali, M.A. Woidich, A. Zaborski (2007), p. 716
757   Artikel: The Batavian Revolution: typical French, typical Dutch or typical Atlantic
A. Jourdan in: Dutch Crossing, Vol. 31 (2007), p. 271-288
758  download 129746 Artikel: The "alien origins" of the French Revolution: American, Scottish, Genevan, and Dutch influences
A. Jourdan in: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History, Vol. 35 (2007), p. 185-205
759   Hoofdstuk: Embodying autonomy: Gandhi's fasts as a form of nonviolent protest
S. Bala in: La paix: esthétique d'une éthique (2007), p. 37-50
760   Boek: Images of Bliss: Ejaculation, Masculinity, Meaning
M. Aydemir (2007), 334 p.