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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 2007

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991   Hoofdstuk: The case of Otomi: A contribution to grammatical borrowing in cross-linguistic perspective
E. Hekking, D. Bakker in: Grammatical borrowing in cross-linguistic perspective (2007), p. 435-464
992   Boekredactie: Visible Variation: Comparative Studies on Sign Language Structure
P. perniss, R. Pfau, M. Steinbach (2007), p. 403
993   Hoofdstuk: Inhibition or compensation? A multi-dimensional comparison of reading processes in Dutch and English
M. Stevenson, R. Schoonen, K. de Glopper in: Reading and Language Learning (2007), p. 115-154
994  download 93761 Proefschrift: La corrente "spirituale" nei disegni, dipinti e sculture di Michelangelo negli anni Quaranta
M. Forcellino (2007), p. 230
995  download 93777 Proefschrift: Poetry and patronage : literary strategies in the poems of Giannantonio Campano
S.T.M. de Beer (2007), p. 2 dl.
996   Hoofdstuk: Impersonal Passivization: Deconstructing the Test
M.O. Radulescu in: Pitar Mos. A building with a view. Papers in Honour of Alexandra Cornilescu (2007), p. 285-301
997  download 93697 Boekredactie: Problemi fonetiki (Issues in Phonetics)
R.F. Kasatkina, D.M. Savinov, O. Yokoyama, M.L. Kalenchuk, L.L. Kasatkin, V.D. Kasevich, S.V. Kodzasov, O.F. Krivnova, T.M. Nikoleava, C. Odé (2007), p. 418
998   Hoofdstuk: Phonological Interpretation of de la Mata's Cholón (1748)
A. Bakkerus in: Lenguas Indígenas de America del Sur: Estudios descriptivo-tipológicos y sus contribuciones para la lingüística teórica (2007), p. 61-75
999   Artikel: Second language idiom learning in a paired-associate paradigm: Effects of direction of learning, direction of testing, idiom imageability, and idiom transparency
M. Steinel, J.H. Hulstijn, W. Steinel in: Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Vol. 29 (2007), p. 449-484
1000   Hoofdstuk: Regional and immigrant languages in Europe
G. Extra, D. Gorter in: Handbook of Language and Communication: Diversity and change (2007), p. 15-52