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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 1990

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91   Hoofdstuk: Improving synthetic speech quality by systematic evaluation
L.C.W. Pols in: research toward advanced man-machine interface through spoken language (1990), p. 445-453
92   Boekredactie: Speech input/ouput assessment and speech databases
L.C.W. Pols (1990), p. 8
93   Hoofdstuk: Standardized synthesis evaluation methods
L.C.W. Pols in: Proceedings International Workshop on International Coordination and Standardization of Speech Database and Assessment Techniques for Speech Input/Output, Nov. 23-24, 1990 (1990), p. 53-60
94   Boekredactie: On humour and the comic in the Hebrew Bible.
Y.T. Radday, A. Brenner (1990), p. 328
95   Hoofdstuk: Illocutionary function and functional illocution
R. Risselada in: Working Papers in Functional Grammar 34 (1990), p. 25
96   Hoofdstuk: Of Monkeys, Blacks and Proles: Ernst Haeckel's Theory of Recapitulation
P. de Rooy in: Imperial monkey business: racial supremacy in social Darwinist theory and colonial practice (1990), p. 7-34
97   Boekbespreking:
N.C.F. van Sas in: NRC-Handelsblad, Vol. 20-JUL-1991 (1990), p. 408, Kill the messenger
98   Boekbespreking:
N.C.F. van Sas in: NRC-Handelsblad, Vol. 20-JUL-1991 (1990), p. 202, Good and faithful servant : the unauthorized biography of Bernard Ingham
99   Boekbespreking:
N.C.F. van Sas in: NRC-Handelsblad, Vol. 01-SEP-1990 (1990), p. 476, Signals of war
100   Boekbespreking:
N.C.F. van Sas in: NRC-Handelsblad, Vol. 10-NOV-1990 (1990), p. 463, A sparrow's flight: the memoirs of Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone