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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2011

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311   Artikel: Strategic culture and environmental dimensions as determinants of anomie in publicly-traded and privately-held firms
J.L. Johnson, K.D. Martin, A. Saini in: Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 21 (2011), p. 473-502
312   Boekbespreking: 
M. de Jong in: Economisch-Statistische Berichten, Vol. 96 (2011), p. 190- , Open service innovation: rethinking your business to grow and compete in a new era
313  download 461342 Artikel: Regularity of the exercise boundary for American put options on assets with discrete dividends
B. Jourdain, M.H. Vellekoop in: SIAM Journal Financial Mathematics, Vol. 2 (2011), p. 538-561
314  download 339083 Rapport: Can statisticians beat surgeons at the planning of operations?
P. Joustra, R. Meester, H. van Ophem (2011), p. 28
315  download 340224 Proefschrift: Associative corporate governance: the steel industry case
P.K. Joustra (2011), p. 325
316   Artikel: The 'R' in modern art
R. Kaas in: Actuaris, Vol. 19 (2011), p. 12-14
317   Hoofdstuk: Ecotourism: the Greek reality - trends, prospects, financial characteristics
M. Kahrimani, I. Sotiropoulos, G. Georgakopoulos in: Agrotourism / ecotourism and organic sheep and goat breeding: innovation, science and production (2011), p. 203-212
318   Artikel: Ethical leader behavior and big five factors of personality
K. Kalshoven, D.N. den Hartog, A.H.B. de Hoogh in: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 100 (2011), p. 349-366
319   Artikel: Ethical leadership at work (ELW): development and validation of a multidimensional measure
K. Kalshoven, D.N. den Hartog, A.H.B. de Hoogh in: The Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 22 (2011), p. 51-69
320   Artikel: De nieuwe IFRS-leasingregels en de fiscale jaarwinstbepaling
G.W.J.M. Kampschöer, R.W. Tieskens, H. Vermeulen in: Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht, Vol. 140 (2011), p. 621-628