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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2010

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171   Rapport: Efficient estimation of an additive quantile regression model
Y. Cheng, J.G. de Gooijer, D. Zerom (2010), p. 35
172   Artikel: Equity and Efficiency in Private and Public Education: a nonparametric comparison
L. Cherchye, K. de Witte, E. Ooghe, I. Nicaise in: European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 202 (2010), p. 563-573
173  download 170494 Rapport: Economic growth and the volatility of foreign aid
M. Chervin, S. van Wijnbergen (2010), p. 37
174   Artikel: Realised quantile-based estimation of the integrated variance
K. Christensen, R.C.A. Oomen, M. Podolskij in: Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 159 (2010), p. 74-98
175   Artikel: Things to do today...: a daily diary study on task completion at work
B.J.C. Claessens, W.E. van Eerde, C.G. Rutte, R.A. Roe in: Applied Psychology: an International Review, Vol. 59 (2010), p. 273-295
176   Artikel: Managing windfall revenue in developing economies
P. Collier, F. van der Ploeg, M. Spence, A.J. Venables in: IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 57 (2010), p. 84-118
177  download 491282 Artikel: Home equity in the Netherlands: wealth for the owner-occupied sector
J. Conijn, F. Schilder in: Real Estate Research Quarterly, Vol. 9 (2010), p. 12-20
178   Boek: Omvangrijke verkoop van corporatiewoningen
J. Conijn, B.N. Kramer (2010), 44 p.
179   Rapport: Love for efficiency or confusion? A QRE analysis of individual contributions in a public good game
L. Corazzini, M. Tyszler (2010), p. 17
180  download 356233 Artikel: Maternal preconception diet and the sex ratio
J.S. Cramer, L.H. Lumey in: Human Biology, Vol. 82 (2010), p. 103-107