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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2002

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171   Hoofdstuk: Why are there nowadays only a few articles on matrices in economic journals?
D. Furth in: Equilibrium, Markets, and Dynamics. Essays in honour of Claus Weddepohl (2002), p. 267-281
172   Artikel: Exact interpretation of dummy variables in semilogarithmic equations
K.J. van Garderen, C. Shah in: The Econometrics Journal, Vol. 5 (2002), p. 149-159
173   Artikel: How to implement the bootstrap in static or stable dynamic regression models
N.P.A. van Giersbergen, J.F. Kiviet in: Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 108 (2002), p. 133-156
174  download 334912 Rapport: Subsampling intervals in (un)stable autoregressive models with stationary covariates
N.P.A. van Giersbergen (2002), p. 21
175   Artikel: Utility in a Case-Based Decision Theory
I. Gilboa, D. Schmeidler, P.P. Wakker in: Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 105 (2002), p. 483-502
176   Artikel: Customer Experience Places: The New Offering Frontier
J.H. Gilmore, B.J. Pine in: Strategy & Leadership (2002), p. 4-11
177   Artikel: Differentiating Hospitality Operations via Experiences: Why Selling Services Is Not Enough
J.H. Gilmore, B.J. Pine in: Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, Vol. 43 (2002), p. 87-96
178   Hoofdstuk: Coordination Games
J.K. Goeree, C.A. Holt in: Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Vol. 2 (2002), p. 204-208
179   Artikel: Efficiency in Auctions with Private and Common Values: An Experimental Study
J.K. Goeree, T.J.S. Offerman in: The American Economic Review, Vol. 92 (2002), p. 625-643
180   Hoofdstuk: Incentives in Public Goods Games: Implications for the environment
J.K. Goeree, C.A. Holt, S. Laury in: Recent Advances in Environmental Economics (2002)