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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2001

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71  download 59017 Proefschrift: Emotions and Economic Behavior: An Experimental Investigation
R.A.J. Bosman (2001)
72   Artikel: Emotions and Shocks in a First-Price Sealed Bid Auction: An Experimental Study
R.A.J. Bosman, A.M. Riedl in: CREED Working Paper (2001)
73   Artikel: Emotions, Rejections, and Cooling off in the Ultimatum Game
R.A.J. Bosman, J.H. Sonnemans, M. Zeelenberg in: CREED Working Paper (2001)
74  download 156 Rapport: Emotions, rejections, and cooling off in the ultimatum game
Ronald Bosman, Joep Sonnemans, Marcel Zeelenberg (2001)
75  download 8373 Rapport: Block local to unity and continuous record asymptotics
H.P. Boswijk (2001)
76   Rapport: Robust Inference on Average Economic Growth
H.P. Boswijk, P.H. Franses (2001), p. 20
77  download 8375 Rapport: Success and failure of technical trading strategies in the cocoa futures market
H.P. Boswijk, G.A.W. Griffioen, C.H. Hommes (2001)
78  download 8374 Rapport: Testing for a unit root with near-integrated volatility
H.P. Boswijk (2001)
79  download 227936 Rapport: Testing for a Unit Root with Near-Integrated Volatility
H.P. Boswijk (2001), p. 22
80   Hoofdstuk: Volatility Mean Reversion and the Market Price of Volatility Risk
H.P. Boswijk in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Modelling and Forecasting Financial Volatility (2001)