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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 1999

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451   Artikel: Specific investments, hold-up, and the outside option principle: an experimental study
R. Sloof, J. Sonnemans, H. Oosterbeek in: CREED Working Paper (1999)
452  download 474101 Proefschrift: Estimation and Inference with the Efficient Method of Moments: With Applications to Stochastic Volatility Models and Option Pricing
P.J. van der Sluis (1999)
453   Artikel: Alternative Missing Data Techniques to GPA
J.P.J.M. Smits, G.J. Mellenbergh, H. Vorst in: Working Paper (1999)
454   Artikel: Family migration and the labor force participation of married women in the Netherlands, 1977-1996
J.P.J.M. Smits in: International Journal of Population Geography (1999), p. 133-150
455   Artikel: New results on returns to educational homogamy in 55 countries
J.P.J.M. Smits, J.G. Odink, J. Hartog in: Scholar working paper series (1999)
456   Artikel: Occupational homogamy in eight countries of the European Union: 1975-1989
J.P.J.M. Smits, W.C. Ultee, J. Lammers in: Acta Sociologica (1999), p. 55-68
457   Artikel: Social closure among the higher educated: Trends in educational homogamy in 55 countries
J.P.J.M. Smits in: Scholar working paper series, Vol. xx (1999)
458   Boek: Object-oriented Enterprise Modelling with MERODE
M. Snoeck, G. Dedene, M. Verhelst, A. Depuydt (1999)
459   Hoofdstuk: The case against message passing
M. Snoeck, G. Dedene in: Proceedings Object Technology '99 Conference (1999)
460  download 2701 Rapport: Group formation in a public good experiment: on the dynamics of social ties structures
J. Sonnemans, F. van Dijk, F.A.A.M. van Winden (1999)