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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 1999

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431   Artikel: Influences on the value relevance of equity and net income in the U.K.
W.P. Rees in: Managerial finance, Vol. 25 (1999), p. 58-65
432   Artikel: Regularities in equity price responses to earnings announcements in Spain
W.P. Rees, M.J. Arcas in: The European accounting review, Vol. 8 (1999), p. 585-607
433   Artikel: The relative forecast accuracy of U.K. brokers
W.P. Rees, J. Capstaff, K. Paudyal in: Accounting and business research, Vol. 30 (1999), p. 3-16
434   Artikel: Un análisis empírico de los pronósticos de los analistas financieros en el caso español
W.P. Rees, M. Larrán in: Revista española de financiación y contabilidad, Vol. 28 (1999), p. 675-730
435   Hoofdstuk: Knife-edged caricature modelling: the case of Marx's Reproduction Schema
G.A.T.M. Reuten in: Models as Mediators - Perspectives on Natural and Social Science (1999), p. 196-240
436   Artikel: The Source versus Measure Obstacle in Value Theory
G.A.T.M. Reuten in: Rivista di politica economica, Vol. 89 (1999), p. 87-115
437   Artikel: A note on the sop-loss order preserving property of Wang's premium principle
C. Ribas, M.J. Goovaerts, J.L.M. Dhaene in: Mitteilungen (1999), p. 237-241
438   Rapport: Inefficiency and Social Exclusion in a Coalition Formation Game: Experimental Evidence
A.M. Riedl, A. Okada (1999)
439   Rapport: Social (In)Stability, Distributive Conflicts, and Investment in Poor and Rich Economies
A.M. Riedl (1999)
440   Rapport: When Culture Does Not Matter: Experimental Evidence from Coalition Formation Ultimatum Games in Austria and Japan
A.M. Riedl, A. Okada (1999)