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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 1993

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21  download 229 Rapport: Bank lending in transition economies
E.C. Perotti (1993)
22   Artikel: Capital structure as a bargaining tool : the role of leverage in contract renegotiation
E.C. Perotti, K.E. Spier in: American Economic Review, Vol. 83 (1993), p. 1131-1141
23  download 230 Rapport: Eastern European financial systems : the creation of inside money
E.C. Perotti (1993)
24   Artikel: The structure of privatization plans
E.C. Perotti, S.E. Guney in: Financial Management : Journal of the Financial Management Association, Vol. 22 (1993), p. 84-98
25   Boekredactie: European transport economics
J. Polak, A. Heertje (1993), p. XIV, 310
26   Artikel: International differences in GAAP and the pricing of earnings
W.P. Rees, P.F. Pope in: Journal of international financial management and accounting, Vol. 4 (1993), p. 190-219
27   Artikel: Mathematical modelling and stochastic simulation of accounting alternatives
W.P. Rees, C. Sutcliffe in: Journal of business finance & accounting, Vol. 20 (1993), p. 351-358
28   Artikel: A unifying approach to axiomatic non-expected utility theories: correction and comment
P.P. Wakker, S.H. Chew, L.G. Epstein in: Journal of economic theory, Vol. 59 (1993), p. 183-188
29   Artikel: Additive Representations on Rank-Ordered Sets II. The Topological Approach
P.P. Wakker in: Journal of mathematical economics, Vol. 22 (1993), p. 1-26
30   Artikel: An Axiomatization of Cumulative Prospect Theory
P.P. Wakker, A. Tversky in: Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 7 (1993), p. 147-176