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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 1989

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11  download 166 Rapport: Disclosure practice of geographical segmentation of net sales in annual reports
D.H. van Offeren (1989)
12   Artikel: A single securities market too
W.P. Rees, J. Watson in: Accountancy, Vol. ? (1989), p. 107-108
13   Artikel: Ex ante testing of accounting standards using stochastic models
W.P. Rees, C. Sutcliffe in: Accounting and business research, Vol. 75 (1989), p. 151-160
14   Artikel: The pricing and discount of initial public offerings
W.P. Rees, R. Guy in: Discussion paper in accounting and finance, Vol. ? (1989)
15   Artikel: La sociabilité politique des patriotes Bataves
N.C.F. van Sas in: Annales historiques de la Révolution française, Vol. 277 (1989), p. 210-224
16  download 5570 Artikel: Attitude strength and the perceived prevalence of attitude positions
R. Spears, J.R. Eiser, J. van der Pligt in: Basic and Applied Social Psychology,, Vol. 10 (1989), p. 43-55
17   Artikel: A graph-theoretic approach to revealed preference
P.P. Wakker in: Methodology and science, Vol. 22 (1989), p. 53-66
18   Artikel: Continuous Subjective Expected Utility with Nonadditive Probabilities
P.P. Wakker in: Journal of mathematical economics, Vol. 18 (1989), p. 1-27
19   Artikel: Subjective expected utility with non-increasing risk aversion
P.P. Wakker in: Annals of operation research, Vol. 22 (1989), p. 219-228
20   Hoofdstuk: Transforming probabilities without violating stochastic dominance
P.P. Wakker in: Mathematical psychology in progress (1989), p. 29-47