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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 1988

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11   Rapport: Between individual and collective model for the total claims
R. Kaas, A. E. van Heerwaarden, M. J. Goovaerts (1988)
12   Artikel: Education, Allocation and Earnings in the Netherlands: Overschooling?
H. Oosterbeek, J. Hartog in: Economics of Education Review, Vol. 7 (1988), p. 185-194
13   Artikel: The Algebraic versus the Topological Approach to Additive Representations
P.P. Wakker in: Journal of mathematical psychology, Vol. 32 (1988), p. 421-435
14   Hoofdstuk: Characterizations of quasilinear representing functions, and specified forms of these
P.P. Wakker in: Measurement of economics (theory and applications of economic indices) (1988), p. 311-326
15   Artikel: Continuity of preference relations for separable topologies
P.P. Wakker in: International economic review, Vol. 29 (1988), p. 105-110
16   Artikel: Derived strength of preference relations on coordinates
P.P. Wakker in: Economic Letters, Vol. 28 (1988), p. 301-306
17   Artikel: Monopolistic competition, credibility and the output costs of disinflation programs.
S.J.G. van Wijnbergen in: Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 29 (1988), p. 375--