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ACTA - 2008

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211   Artikel: Curriculum structure: principles and strategy
R. Oliver, H. Kersten, H. Vinkka-Puhakka, G. Alpaslan, D. Bearn, I. Cema, E. Delap, P. Dummer, J.P. Goulet, T. Gugushe, E. Jeniati, V. Jerolimov, N. Kotsanos, S. Krifka, G. Levy, M. Neway, T. Ogawa, M. Saag, A. Sidlauskas, U. Skaleric, M. Vervoorn, D. White in: European Journal of Dental Education, Vol. 12 (2008), p. 74-84
212   Artikel: Increased osteoclast formation and activity by peripheral blood mononuclear cells in chronic liver disease patients with osteopenia
B.J. Olivier, A. Schoenmaker, R.E. Mebius, V. Everts, C.J. Mulder, K.M.J. van Nieuwkerk, T.J. de Vries, S.W. van der Merwe in: Hepatology, Vol. 47 (2008), p. 259-267
213  download 125959 Artikel: The Level of Exposure-Dental Experiences Questionnaire (LOE-DEQ): a measure of severity of exposure to distressing dental events
F.M.D. Oosterink, A. de Jongh, J. Hoogstraten, I.H.A. Aartman in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 116 (2008), p. 353-361
214   Artikel: What are people afraid of during dental treatment? Anxiety-provoking capacity of 67 stimuli characteristic of the dental setting
F.M.D. Oosterink, A. de Jongh, I.H.A. Aartman in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 116 (2008), p. 44-51
215   Artikel: Histatins are the major wound-closure stimulating factors in human saliva as identified in a cell culture assay
M.J. Oudhoff, J.G.M. Bolscher, K. Nazmi, H. Kalay, W. van 't Hof, A. van Nieuw Amerongen, E.C.I. Veerman in: The FASEB Journal, Vol. 22 (2008), p. 3805-3812
216   Artikel: A systematic review and meta-analyses on C-reactive protein in relation to periodontitis
S. Paraskevas, J.D. Huizinga, B.G. Loos in: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 35 (2008), p. 277-290
217   Artikel: Chlorine dioxide and chlorhexidine mouthrinses compared in a 3-day plaque accumulation model
S.P. Paraskevas, N.A.M. Rosema, P. Versteeg, U. van der Velden, G.A. van der Weijden in: Journal of Periodontology, Vol. 79 (2008), p. 1395-1400
218   Artikel: The effect of Streptococcus mutans and Candida glabrata on Candida albicans biofilms formed on different surfaces
T. Pereira-Cenci, D.M. Deng, E.A. Kraneveld, E.M.M. Manders, A.A. Del Bel Cury, J.M. ten Cate, W. Crielaard in: Archives of Oral Biology, Vol. 53 (2008), p. 755-764
219   Artikel: Effects of probiotic Lactobacillus salivarius W24 on the compositional stability of oral microbial communities
L.C. Pham, R.J.M. van Spanning, W.F.M. Röling, A.C. Prosperi, Z. Terefework, J.M. ten Cate, W. Crielaard, E. Zaura in: Archives of Oral Biology, Vol. 54 (2008), p. 132-137
220   Artikel: Burning mouth syndrome associated with palladium allergy?
P.D. Pigatto, A.J. Feilzer, E. Valentine-Thon, R. Zerboni, G. Guzzi in: EUR J DERMATOL, Vol. 18 (2008), p. 356-357