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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "ACTA" en publicatiejaar: "2008"

AuteursD.S. Barendregt, U. van der Velden, M.F. Timmerman, H.M. Bulthuis, G.A. van der Weijden
TitelDetection of the cemento-enamel junction with three different probes: an "in vitro" model
TijdschriftJournal of Clinical Periodontology
SamenvattingAim: The purpose of the present study was to test the accuracy and precision with which the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ) can be assessed using three commercially available periodontal probes with different tip endings in both deciduous and permanent teeth.

Material and Methods: An "in vitro" model was developed, consisting of 70 extracted permanent and 30 deciduous human teeth mounted in plaster with an artificial gingiva made of silicone rubber. The probes tested were the Merritt-B probe, the ball-ended CPITN probe and the Vivacare TPS beveled-ball probe. With each probe, duplicate CEJ assessments were carried out at six sites per tooth by four examiners. Upon completion, the distance between the CEJ and the artificial gingival margin was determined using a stereomicroscope.

Results: The mean difference between the microscopic assessment and the mean clinical probe measurements in permanent teeth was −0.05 mm with the Merritt-B, 0.11 mm for the CPITN and 0.19 mm with the TPS probe. In deciduous teeth, the differences were −0.02, 0.35 and 0.63 mm, respectively. In both permanent and deciduous teeth, only the Merritt-B did not differ from the microscopic assessment.

Conclusions: Results showed that the use of the Meritt-B probe offered the most accurate location of the CEJ in both permanent and deciduous teeth.
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