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ACTA - 2006

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281   Artikel: Comparison of the efficacies of disinfectants to control microbial contamination in dental unit water systems in general dental practices across the European Union
A.J. Schel, P.D. Marsh, D.J. Bradshaw, M. Finney, M.R. Fulford, E. Frandsen, E. Ostergaard, J.M. ten Cate, W.R. Moorer, A. Mavridou, J.J. Kamma, G. Mandilara, L. Stosser, S. Kneist, R. Araujo, N. Contreras, P. Goroncy-Bermes, D. O'Mullane, F. Burke, P. O'Reilly, G. Hourigan, M. O'Sullivan, R. Holman, J.T. Walker in: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 72 (2006), p. 1380-1387
282   Artikel: Implementing an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) in dental education: effects on students' learning strategies
M. Schoonheim-Klein, L.L.M.H. Habets, I.H.A. Aartman, C.P.M. van der Vleuten, J. Hoogstraten, U. van der Velden in: European Journal of Dental Education, Vol. 10 (2006), p. 226-235
283   Artikel: Dental check-up frequency: preferences of Dutch patients
B.C. Schouten, T.G. Mettes, W.D. Weeda, J. Hoogstraten in: Community dental health, Vol. 23 (2006), p. 133-139
284   Artikel: Trends in mondgezondheid cariĆ«s prevalentie en frequentie van controlebezoeken aan de tandarts
A.A. Schuller, J.H.G. Poorterman in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde, Vol. 123 (2006), p. 303-307
285   Artikel: Dentale rehabilitatie met implantaten na oncologische chirurgie en reconstructie: bespreking van een casus
E.A.J.M. Schulten in: NVOI BULLETIN, Vol. 11 (2006), p. 28-29
286   Artikel: Leakage along apical root fillings with and without smear layer using two different leakage models: a two-month longitudinal ex vivo study
H. Shemesh, M.K. Wu, P.R. Wesselink in: International Endodontic Journal, Vol. 39 (2006), p. 968-976
287   Artikel: Decreased collagen organization and content are associated with reduced strength of demineralized and intact bone in the SAMP6 mouse
M.J. Silva, M.D. Brodt, B. Wopenka, S. Thomopoulos, D. Williams, M.H. Wassen, M. Ko, N. Kusano, R.A. Bank in: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol. 21 (2006), p. 78-88
288   Artikel: Die passive UltraschallspĆ¼lung des Wurzelkanalsystems
L.W.M. van der Sluis in: Endodontie, Vol. 2 (2006), p. 177-185
289   Artikel: The influence of volume, type of irrigant and flushing method on removing artificially placed dentine debris from the apical root canal during passive ultrasonic irrigation
L.W.M. van der Sluis, G. Gambarini, M.K. Wu, P.R. Wesselink in: International Endodontic Journal, Vol. 39 (2006), p. 472-476
290   Artikel: The importance of immunohistochemical expression of EGFr in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity treated with surgery and postoperative radiotherapy
E.J. Smid, T.R. Stoter, E. Bloemena, M.V.M. Lafleur, C.R. Leemans, I. van der Waal, B.J. Slotman, J.A. Langendijk in: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, Vol. 65 (2006), p. 1323-1329