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ACTA - 2006

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141   Artikel: A histatin 5 derived peptide with improved fungicidal properties enhances HIV-1 replication by promoting viral entry
F. de Groot, R.W. Sanders, O. ter Brake, K. Nazmi, E.C.I. Veerman, J.G.M. Bolscher, B. Berkhout in: Journal of Virology, Vol. 80 (2006), p. 9236-9243
142   Artikel: Duty time of rabbit jaw muscles varies with the number of activity bursts
T. Grunheid, G.E.J. Langenbach, A. Zentner in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 85 (2006), p. 1112-1117
143   Artikel: Role of polymorphonuclear leukocyte-derived serine proteinases in defense against Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
S.F. de Haar, P.S. Hiemstra, T.J.M. van Steenbergen, V. Everts, W. Beertsen in: INFECT IMMUN, Vol. 74 (2006), p. 5284-5291
144   Artikel: Structure of the periodontium in cathepsin C-deficient mice
S.F. de Haar, W. Tigchelaar-Gutter, V. Everts, W. Beertsen in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 114 (2006), p. 171-173
145   Artikel: Passive resistance increases differentially in various jaw displacement directions
H.J. Hansma, G.E.J. Langenbach, J.H. Koolstra, T.M.G.J. van Eijden in: Journal of Dentistry, Vol. 34 (2006), p. 491-497
146   Artikel: Salivary agglutinin and lung scavenger receptor cysteine-rich glycoprotein 340 have broad anti-influenza activities and interactions with surfactant protein D that vary according to donor source and sialylation
K.L. Hartskorn, A.J.M. Ligtenberg, M.R. White, M. van Eijk, M. Hartshorn, L. Pemberton, U. Holmskov, E. Crouch in: Biochemical Journal, Vol. 393 (2006), p. 545-553
147   Artikel: Contraction stress in dentin adhesives bonded to dentin
M. Hashimoto, A.J. de Gee, M. Kaga, A.J. Feilzer in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 85 (2006), p. 728-732
148   Artikel: The effects of common errors on sealing ability of total-etch adhesives
M. Hashimoto, F.R. Tay, N.R. Svizero, A.J. de Gee, A.J. Feilzer, H. Sano, M. Kaga, D.H. Pashley in: Dental materials, Vol. 22 (2006), p. 560-568
149   Artikel: Feasibility and influence of the microgap of two implants placed in a non-submerged procedure: a five-year follow-up clinical trial
K. Heijdenrijk, G.M. Raghoebar, H.J. Meijer, B. Stegenga, W.A. van der Reijden in: Journal of Periodontology, Vol. 77 (2006), p. 1051-1060
150   Artikel: Increased salivary fluoride concentrations after post-brush fluoride rinsing not reflected in dental plaque
M. Heijnsbroek, V.A.M. Gerardu, M.J. Buijs, C. van Loveren, J.M. ten Cate, M.F. Timmerman, G.A. van der Weijden in: Caries Research, Vol. 40 (2006), p. 444-448