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ACTA - 2002

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71   Artikel: Task-related electromyographic spectral changes in the human masseter and temporalis muscles
M. Farella, T.M.G.J. van Eijden, M. Baccini, A. Michelotti in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 110 (2002), p. 8-12
72   Artikel: The curve of Spee and craniofacial morphology: a multiple regression analysis
M. Farella, A. Michelotti, T.M.G.J. van Eijden, R. Martina in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 110 (2002), p. 277-282
73   Artikel: Dimensionele stabiliteit van afdrukmaterialen
A.J. Feilzer, A. Werner in: Nederlands Tandartsenblad, Vol. 7 (2002), p. 248-249
74   Artikel: Lezerspost
A.J. Feilzer, J.A.T. Berendsen in: Nederlands Tandartsenblad, Vol. 6 (2002), p. 231-
75   Artikel: A type 2 response in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated whole blood cell cultures from periodontitis patients
S.J. Fokkema, B.G. Loos, C. Slegte, U. van der Velden in: CLIN EXP IMMUNOL, Vol. 127 (2002), p. 374-378
76  download 65765 Proefschrift: Susceptibility to periodontitis. Studies with LPS-stimulated whole blood cell cultures
S.J. Fokkema (2002), p. 159
77   Rapport: Heat development in composites light cured with the Astralis 10 and Optilux 501 (part 2)
A.J. de Gee, A. Werner (2002)
78   Rapport: Micro-tensile bond strength of Panavia F, Super Bond C&B and RZII to human dentin and enamel and ceramic
A.J. de Gee, J.A. Rezende, A.J. Feilzer (2002)
79   Rapport: Performance of Astralis 10, Optilux 501 and Elipar Freelight in curing various composites and cements measured by Vickers Hardness (part 1)
A.J. de Gee, A. Werner (2002)
80   Rapport: Setting shrinkage of Palfique Estelite paste, Palfique Estelite High Flow, Palfique Estelite Low Flow and Tetric Flow determined in the ACTA dilatometer
A.J. de Gee, J.A. Rezende, A.J. Feilzer (2002)