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ACTA - 2002

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21   Artikel: The etiology of childhood dental fear: the role of dental and conditioning experiences
M. ten Berge, J.S.J. Veerkamp, J. Hoogstraten in: Journal of Anxiety Disorders, Vol. 16 (2002), p. 321-329
22   Artikel: A comparison of digital and film radiography in Dutch dental practices assessed by questionnaire
W.E.R. Berkhout, G.C.H. Sanderink, P.F. van der Stelt in: Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology, Vol. 31 (2002), p. 93-99
23   Artikel: Identification of the bacteria-binding peptide domain on salivary agglutine (gp-340/DMBT1), a member of the scavenger receptor-cysteine rich superfamily
F.J. Bikker, A.J.M. Ligtenberg, K. Nazmi, E.C.I. Veerman, W. van 't Hof, J.G.M. Bolscher, A. Poustka, A. van Nieuw Amerongen, J. Mollenhauer in: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 277 (2002), p. 32109-32115
24   Artikel: Immunohistochemical detection of salivary agglutinin/gp-340 in human parotid, submandibular, and labial salivary glands
F.J. Bikker, A.J.M. Ligtenberg, J.E. van der Wal, P.A.M. van den Keijbus, U. Holmskov, E.C.I. Veerman, A. van Nieuw Amerongen in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 81 (2002), p. 134-139
25   Artikel: Transforming growth factor-?1 incorporation in a calcium phosphate bone cement: Material properties and release characteristics
E.J. Blom, J. Klein Nulend, J.G.C. Wolke, M.A.J. van Waas, F.C.M. Driessens, E.H. Burger in: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, Vol. 59 (2002), p. 265-272
26   Artikel: Transforming growth factor-?1 incorporation in an alpha-tricalcium phosphate/dicalcium phosphate dihydrate/tetracalcium phosphate monoxide cement: release characteristics and physicochemical properties
E.J. Blom, J. Klein Nulend, J.G.C. Wolke, K. Kurashina, M.A.J. van Waas, E.H. Burger in: BIOMATERIALS, Vol. 23 (2002), p. 1261-1268
27   Artikel: Effect of recombinant human osteogenic protein-1 on the healing of a freshly closed diaphyseal fracture
F.C. de Boer, J.A.M. Bramer, T.J. Blokhuis, E.J. van Soest, J.M.G.T. Jenner, P. Patka, F.C. Bakker, E.H. Burger, H.J.T.M. Haarman in: Bone, Vol. 31 (2002), p. 158-164
28   Artikel: Inhibition of HIV-1 IIIB and clinical isolates by human parotid, submandibular, sublingual and palatine saliva
J.G.M. Bolscher, K. Nazmi, L.J. Ran, F.A.C. van Engelenburg, H. Schuitemaker, E.C.I. Veerman, A. van Nieuw Amerongen in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 110 (2002), p. 149-156
29   Artikel: Stress and secretory immunity
J.A. Bosch, C. Ring, E.J.C. de Geus, E.C.I. Veerman, A. van Nieuw Amerongen in: International review of neurobiology, Vol. 52 (2002), p. 213-253
30   Artikel: Significant effects due to rephrasing the Maslach Burnout Inventory's personal accomplishments items
A.M. Bouman, J.H.M. Brake te, J. Hoogstraten in: Psychological Reports, Vol. 91 (2002), p. 825-826