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ACTA - 1999

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31   Artikel: Fluoride mechanisms
J.M. ten Cate, C. van Loveren in: The Dental Clinics of North America, Vol. 43 (1999), p. 713-742
32   Artikel: Location of the hinge axis and the kinematic center in asymptomatic and clicking temporomandibular joints
A Catic, M. Naeije in: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, Vol. 26 (1999), p. 661-665
33   Artikel: The effect of alterations in horizontal X-ray beam angulation and bucco-lingual cavity width on the radiographic depth of approximal cavities
B.L. Chadwick, P.M.H. Dummer, P.F. van der Stelt in: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, Vol. 26 (1999), p. 292-301
34   Artikel: Lack of MHC class I surface expression on neoplastic cells and poor activation of the secretory pathway of cytotoxic cells in oral squamous cell carcinomas
I. Cruz, C.J.L.M. Meijer, J.M.M. Walboomers, P.J.F. Snijders, I. van der Waal in: BRIT J CANCER, Vol. 81 (1999), p. 881-889
35   Artikel: Overwegingen bij solitaire tandvervanging. De keuze tussen de verschillende behandelingsopties
M.S. Cune, M.A.J. van Waas in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde, Vol. 106 (1999), p. 203-207
36   Artikel: In vitro fluoride uptake by intra-orally aged and contaminated glass ionomer cement
J.J.M. Damen, M.J. Buijs, A.J.P. van Strijp, J.M. ten Cate in: Caries Research, Vol. 33 (1999), p. 88-90
37   Rapport: The efficacy of an antimicrobial toothpaste
J.J.M. Damen, R. Kobayashi, M.J. Buijs, J.M. ten Cate (1999)
38   Rapport: The Maillard reaction in saliva and pellicle
J.J.M. Damen (1999)
39   Rapport: Evaluation of the added effect of daily rinsing with amin/stannous fluoride in comparison to sodium fluoride in periodontal maintenance patients
M.M. Danser, M.F. Timmerman, U. van der Velden, G.A. van der Weijden (1999)
40   Rapport: Novel manual toothbrush and an electric toothbrush in relation to plaque removing efficacy
M.M. Danser, M.F. Timmerman, Y. IJzerman, M. Piscaer, U. van der Velden, G.A. van der Weijden (1999)