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ACTA - 1999

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121   Artikel: Cloning of fibA, encoding an immunogenic subunit of the fibril-like surface structure of Peptostreptococcus micros
B.H.A. Kremer, J.J.E. Bijlsma, J.G. Kusters, J. de Graaff, T.J.M. van Steenbergen in: Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 181 (1999), p. 2485-2491
122   Artikel: Herbstapparatuur
R.B. Kuitert in: CHAIN, Vol. 3 (1999), p. 9-10
123   Artikel: The validity and repeatability of three light-induced fluorescence systems: an in vitro study
M.D. Lagerweij, M.H. van der Veen, M. Ando, L. Lukantsova, G.K. Stookey in: Caries Research, Vol. 33 (1999), p. 220-226
124   Artikel: Solitaire tandvervanging door implantaten
G.L. de Lange, R.W.J. Brandt, I. ten Hove in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde, Vol. 106 (1999), p. 182-186
125   Artikel: Treatment of central giant cell granuloma of the jaw with calcitonin
J. de Lange, A.J.W.P. Rosenberg, H.P. van den Akker, R. Koole, J.J. Wirds, H. van den Berg in: International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vol. 28 (1999), p. 372-376
126   Artikel: The role of passive muscle tensions in a three-dimensional dynamic model of the human jaw
G.E.J. Langenbach, A.G. Hannam in: Archives of Oral Biology, Vol. 44 (1999), p. 557-573
127   Hoofdstuk: Sleep disorders and chronic orofacial pain
G.J. Lavigne, J-P Goulet, F. Lobbezoo in: The clinician's guide to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic orofacial pain (1999), p. 32-35
128   Artikel: Sleep disorders and the dental patient. An overview
G.J. Lavigne, J-P Goulet, M. Zuconni, F. Morisson, F. Lobbezoo in: Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology and endodontics, Vol. 88 (1999), p. 257-272
129   Artikel: Inhibition of contact sensitizer-induced migration of human Langerhans cells by matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
M.C. Lebre, P. Kalinski, P.K. Das, V. Everts in: ARCH DERMATOL RES, Vol. 291 (1999), p. 447-452
130   Artikel: Longevity - does family size matter?
A.J.M. Ligtenberg, H.S. Brand in: Nature, Vol. 399 (1999), p. 522-