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Publication list

FNWI: Institute for Logic, Language and Computation ILLC - 2000

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31   Chapter: An Empirical Evaluation of LFG-DOP
L.W.M. Bod in: Proceedings COLING 2000 (2000)
32   Chapter: An Improved Parser for Data-Oriented Lexical-Functional Analysis
L.W.M. Bod in: Proceedings ALC 2000 (2000)
33   Chapter: Combining Semantic and Syntactic Structure for Language Modeling
L.W.M. Bod in: Proceedings International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 2000) (2000)
34   Article: Context-Sensitive Spoken Dialogue Processing with the DOP Model
L.W.M. Bod in: Natural Language Engineering, Vol. 5 (2000)
35   Chapter: Parsing with the Shortest Derivation
L.W.M. Bod in: Proceedings COLING 2000 (2000)
36   Chapter: The Storage and Computation of Frequent Sentences
L.W.M. Bod in: Proceedings Architectures and Mechanisms in Language Processing (AMLAP 2000) (2000)
37   Chapter: What are the Structural Units of Language Processing
L.W.M. Bod in: Meeting Handbook Linguistic Society of America (LSA-2000) (2000)
38   Chapter: Features as constraints
W. Bouma, R. Accorsi, C.E. Areces, M. de Rijke in: Proceedings Sixth International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems, FIW'2000 (2000), p. 210-225
39   Chapter: Voorbij de zweepantenne: Katharsis II
E.C. Brouwer in: Katharsis II/Niek Kemps (2000)
40   Chapter: Are bitvectors optimal?
H.M. Buhrman, P. Bro Miltersen, J. Radhakrishnan, S. Venkatesch in: Proceedings of Symposium on Theory of Computing (2000), p. 449-458