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Publication list

FNWI: Institute for Logic, Language and Computation ILLC - 2000

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11   Chapter: Programming in Alma-0, or Imperative and Declarative Programming Reconciled
K.R. Apt, A. Schaerf in: Frontiers of Combining Systems 2 (2000), p. 1-16
12   Chapter: Some REmarks on Boolean Constraint Propagation
K.R. Apt in: New Trends in Constraints (2000), p. 91-107
13   Article: The Role of Commutativity in Constraint Propagation Algorithms
K.R. Apt in: ACM Toplas, Vol. 22 (2000), p. 1002-1036
14   Chapter: Characterization Results for Formulas
C.E. Areces, V. Becher, S. Ferro in: Logic, Language and Computation (2000), p. 49-66
15   Chapter: Description and/or hybrid logic
C.E. Areces, M. de Rijke in: Workshop proceedings of AiML 2000, University of Leipzig (2000)
16   Article: Editorial: Use your logic
C.E. Areces, E. Franconi, R. Gore, M. de Rijke, H. Schlingloff in: Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 8 (2000), p. 231-237
17   Chapter: Interpolation, Definability and Fixed Points in Interpretability Logics
C.E. Areces, E. Hoogland, D.H.J. de Jongh in: Advances in Modal Logic (2000), p. 35-58
18  download 194909 Dissertation: Logic Engineering. The Case of Description and Hybrid Logics
C.E. Areces (2000)
19   Book editorial: Methods for Modalities I : a selection of papers presented at M4M-1, Amsterdam, May 6-7, 1999 : special issue
C.E. Areces, E. Franconi, R. Gore, M. de Rijke, H. Schlingloff (2000), p. 135
20   Article: The computational complexity of hybrid temporal logics
C.E. Areces, M.J. Marx, P. Blackburn in: Logic Journal of the IGPL, Vol. 8 (2000), p. 653-679