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UvA - 2011

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31  download 543856 Chapter: The Regolini-Galassi Tomb revisited: 3D reconstruction as a research instrument
W. Hupperetz, E. Pietroni, D. Pletinckx, M. Sannibale in: Etruscans: eminent women, powerful men (2011), p. 172-177
32  download 363085 Article: A multimodal approach to emotion recognition ability in autism spectrum disorders
C.R.G. Jones, A. Pickles, M. Falcaro, A.J.S. Marsden, F. Happé, S.K. Scott, D. Sauter, J. Tregay, R.J. Phillips, G. Baird, E. Simonoff, T. Charman in: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol. 52 (2011), p. 275-285
33  download 357294 Article: 30 Zilverlingen
G. Jurriaans-Helle in: APm: Allard Pierson mededelingen, Vol. 104 (2011), p. 25-
34  download 357293 Article: Een nieuw muntenkabinet
G. Jurriaans-Helle in: APm: Allard Pierson mededelingen, Vol. 104 (2011), p. 22-27
35   Article: Concepts – Not just yardsticks, but also heuristics: rebutting Hacker and Bennett
M. Keestra, S.J. Cowley in: Language Sciences, Vol. 33 (2011), p. 464-472
36   Chapter: Implicit learning and dyslexia: Non-adjacent dependency learning in infants at familial risk of dyslexia
A. Kerkhoff, E. de Bree, M. de Klerk, F. Wijnen in: BUCLD35: proceedings of the 35th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (2011), p. 358-370
37   Chapter: Bibliografie over Leo Polak
L. Koeneman in: 'Liever een dode leeuw dan een levende hond': over de betekenis van de vrijdenker en humanist Leo Polak (1880-1941) (2011), p. 163-169
38   Article: Linked data
L. Koster in: IK: tijdschrift over intellectueel kapitaal, Vol. 10 (2011), p. 11-13
39   Article: Cosmopolitan charismatics? Transnational ways of being and belonging and cosmopolitan moments in the religious practice of New Mission Churches
K. Krause in: Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 34 (2011), p. 419-435
40  download 530175 Article: Thinking through political subjectivity
K. Krause, K. Schramm in: African Diaspora, Vol. 4 (2011), p. 115-134