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Publication list

UvA - 2008

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91   Book review: Schockierende Einsicht: ein Buch über Silvio Berlusconi beschreibt die italienische Normalität
P. Schmerheim in:, Vol. 10 (2008) , Berlusconi Zampano: die Karriere eines genialen Trickspielers
92  download 509277 Article: Synchronising deregulation in product and labour markets
J. Seldeslachts in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 55 (2008), p. 591-617
93  download 448484 Chapter: ICANN’s GAC and the global governance of the Internet: the role of the EU in bringing ‘government’ back to Internet governance
J. Shahin, M. Finger in: Third GigaNet Annual Symposium: Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), India, 2 December 2008: program agenda with links to full papers and presenters' photos (2008)
94   Article: Long-Term Results of Provox ActiValve, Solving the Problem of Frequent Candida- and "Underpressure"-Related Voice Prosthesis Replacements.
J. Soolsma, M.W.M. van den Brekel, A.H. Ackerstaff, A.J.M. Balm, I.B. Tan, F.J.M. Hilgers in: LARYNGOSCOPE, Vol. 2008 (2008)
95   Report: Requirements and demands of Munich's creative knowledge enterprises. The managers' view
A. von Streit, M. Axtner, S. Buchweiser, S. Hafner, G. Heinritz, M. Miosga (2008)
96  download 188954 Report: Poznan welcomes talents. Understanding the attractiveness of the metropolitan region for creative knowledge workers
T. Stryjakiewicz, E. Grzywinska, T. Kaczmarek, M. Meczynski, J.J. Parysek, K. Stachowiak (2008)
97  download 188983 Report: The attractiveness of the Poznan metropolitan region for the development of the creative knowledge sector. The managers' view
T. Stryjakiewicz, M. Meczynski, K. Stachowiak (2008)
98   Chapter: Inheriting the Wound: Religion and Philosophy in Stanley Cavell
J.D. Szafraniec in: Religion: Beyond a Concept (2008), p. 368-380
99   Chapter: Inleiding
A. Troelstra in: Van Spitsbergen naar Suriname: Nederlandse natuurhistorische reisverhalen (2008), p. 7-16
100   Book editorial: Van Spitsbergen naar Suriname: Nederlandse natuurhistorische reisverhalen
A.S. Troelstra (2008), p. 478