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Publication list

UvA - 2006

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31  download 361643 Article: The new geopolitics of division and the problem of a Kantian Europe
S. Elden, L. Bialasiewicz in: Review of International Studies, Vol. 32 (2006), p. 623-644
32   Chapter: Behandeling van stemmingsstoornissen
P.M.G. Emmelkamp in: Handboek Psychopathologie, deel II: Klinische Praktijk (2006), p. 523-545
33   Article: Bowlby and Bowen: Attachment theory and family therapy
P.M.G. Emmelkamp in: Counseling and Clinical Psychology Journal, Vol. 3 (2006), p. 81-108
34   Article: Comparison of brief dynamic and cognitive-behaviour therapies in the treatment of avoidant personality disorder
P.M.G. Emmelkamp, A. Kuipers, F.J. van Apeldoorn in: BRIT J PSYCHIAT, Vol. 189 (2006), p. 60-64
35   Book editorial: Handboek Psychopathologie, deel II: Klinische Praktijk
P.M.G. Emmelkamp (2006)
36   Article: The relationship between attachment styles and Cluster B personality disorders in prisoners and forensic inpatients
P.M.G. Emmelkamp in: International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, Vol. 29 (2006), p. 48-56
37   Article: Psychometric evalution of the Dutch version of the posttraumatic cognitions inventory (PTCI)
A.A.P. van Emmerik, P.M.G. Emmelkamp, J.H. Kamphuis in: Behavior Research and Therapy, Vol. 44 (2006), p. 1053-1065
38   Chapter: De rol van theorie in behavioural medicine
W.T.A.M. Everaerd, J. Dekker in: Psychologie en geneeskunde: Behavioural medicine (2006), p. 25-43
39   Report: Image and Reality: the Case of Job Satisfaction
A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell, B.M.S. van Praag (2006)
40   Article: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer: On risk aversion in behavioral decion-making
I.H.A. Franken, P. Muris, A.J. Dijksterhuis in: Judgement and Decision Making, Vol. 1 (2006), p. 153-158