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Publication list

UvA - 2004

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41   Article: Dying peacefully: Considering good death and bad death in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana
S. van der Geest in: Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 58 (2004)
42   Article: Good and bad death: Introduction
S. van der Geest, C. Seale in: Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 58 (2004)
43   Article: Grandparents and grandchildren in Kwahu, Ghana: The performance of respect
S. van der Geest in: Africa, Vol. 74 (2004)
44   Article: Subjective image quality of digital panoramic radiographs displayed on monitor and printed on various hardcopy media
F. Gijbels, G. Sanderink, H. Pauwels, R. Jacobs in: CLIN ORAL INVESTIG, Vol. 8 (2004), p. 25-29
45   Article: Frequency domain simultaneous source and source coherence estimation with an application to MEG
R.P.P.P. Grasman, H.M. Huizenga, L.J. Waldorp, K.B.E. Böcker, P.C.M. Molenaar in: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 51 (2004), p. 45-55
46   Chapter: The typology of question words in Hungarian
C. de Groot in: Approaches to Hungarian IX. Papers from the Düsseldorf Conference (2004)
47   Chapter: The concept of good faith
A.S. Hartkamp in: Towards a European civil code. - 3rd fully rev. and expanded ed. (2004)
48   Book editorial: Towards a European civil code. - 3rd fully rev. and expanded ed.
A.S. Hartkamp, M.W. Hesselink, E.H. Hondius, C.A. Joustra (2004), p. 847
49  download 74604 Dissertation: Kind-zijn tussen opvoeding en recht : een grondslagenonderzoek naar kindbeelden in discussies op het grensvlak van opvoeding en recht
J.C. Hemrica (2004), p. 107
50  download 75174 Dissertation: No stone unturned : building blocks of environmentalist power versus transnational industrial forestry in Costa Rica
H.G.M. van den Hombergh (2004), p. 312