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UvA - 2004

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101  download 177552 Chapter: Al-Munfatil and his Poetical Connection with Samuel ha Nagid ibn Naghrilah" in Katrien De Graef, ed.
A. Schippers in: Ba'al Milim: Liber Amicorum Julien Klener, (2004), p. 131-147
102  download 177365 Chapter: An episode in the life of a hero in the Sirat Bani Hilal: Abu Zayd as a schoolboy
A. Schippers in: Oriente Moderno (2004), p. 347-359
103   Book editorial: Formerly Medieval Iberian Peninsula
A. Schippers (2004)
104   Chapter: Nissim b. Ya "qub, Ibn Shahin"
A. Schippers in: P.J. Bearman, T.H.Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E.van Donzel, W.P. Heinrichs, Eds, Encyclopaedia of Islam (2004), p. 669-670
105  download 177371 Chapter: Poetry and History in Ibn Bassam's Dahirah
A. Schippers in: Magaz, Culture e contatti nell'area del Mediterraneo (2004), p. 281-289
106  download 177367 Chapter: Prosopography of the Almoravid Addressees of Ibn Khafaja's Poems
A. Schippers in: Medieval Prosopograhy: History and Collective Biography 23 (2004), p. 185-201
107  download 77828 Dissertation: Wired attraction : effects of ICT use on social cohesion in organizational groups
M.E. Simons (2004), p. 179
108  download 530942 Article: Verkleurde kleurenfoto’s: Restauratieproblematiek in het werk van Ger van Elk
S. Stigter in: KM : vakinformatie voor beeldende kunstenaars en restauratoren, Vol. 50 (2004), p. 54-56
109  download 73151 Dissertation: Dancing Jacobins, a genealogy of Latin American populism (Venezuela)
R. Sánchez Cacheiro (2004), p. 515
110   Chapter: Assimilating radar for observations in a bird migration model
F. Terpstra, E.E. van Loon in: Proceedings of the workshop on data assimilation and recursive estimation: Methodological issues and environmental applications (2004), p. 2