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UvA - 2003

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101   Article: Over perceptie van vertrouwde symptomen
S. Rietveld in: De Psycholoog, Vol. 38 (2003), p. 367-372
102   Chapter: Amsterdam
W. Rodenhuis in: Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance, 2 vols. (2003), p. 55-56
103   Chapter: Conversational implicatures and communication theory
R.A.M. van Rooij in: Current and New Directions in Discourse and Dialogue (2003), p. 283-303
104   Article: Improved radiation protection of the thyroid gland with thyroxine, methimazole, and potassium iodide during diagnostic and therapeutic use of radiolabeled metaiodobenzylguanidine in children with neuroblastoma
H.M. van Santen, J. de Kraker, B.L.F. van Eck, J.J.M. de Vijlder, T. Vulsma in: CANCER, Vol. 98 (2003), p. 389-396
105   Book editorial: Data-Oriented Parsing
R.J.H. Scha, L.W.M. Bod, K. Sima'an (2003)
106  download 177360 Article: A muwashshah from the Genizah
A. Schippers in: Zutot (2003), p. 56-64
107   Book review: Atlas zur Geschichte des Islam
A. Schippers in: Bibliotheca Orientalis, Vol. LX (2003), p. 487-489 , review of Kettermann
108   Book review: Classical Arabic Verse: History and Theory of Arud
A. Schippers in: Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol. 21 (2003), p. 410-413 , review of Dmitry Frolov
109   Book review: Hispano-Arabic Literature and the early Provencal Lyrics
A. Schippers in: Bibliotheca Orientalis, Vol. LX (2003), p. 489-491 , review of ABU-HAIDAR, Jareer A
110  download 179851 Book review: Ibn Khafaja l'Andalou, L'amant de la nature,
A. Schippers in: Arabica, Revue d'√©tudes arabes et islamiques, Vol. 50 (2003), p. 260-266 , review of Hamadane Hadjadji et Andr√© Miquel