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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2011

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181   Report: Controlling the most dangerous branch from afar: multilayered counter-terrorist policies and the European judiciary
C. Eckes (2011), p. 34
182   Book editorial: Crime within the area of freedom, security and justice: a European public order
C. Eckes, T. Konstadinides (2011), p. xiv, 312
183   Report: EU autonomy and decisions of (quasi-)judicial bodies: how much differentness is needed?
C. Eckes (2011), p. 35
184   Chapter: International law as law of the EU: the role of the ECJ
C. Eckes in: International law as law of the European Union (2011), p. 353-377
185   Chapter: The legal framework of the European Union's counter-terrorist policies: full of good intentions?
C. Eckes in: Crime within the area of freedom, security and justice: a European public order (2011), p. 127-158
186   Article: The right to be heard in composite administrative procedures: lost in between protection?
C. Eckes, J. Mendes in: European Law Review, Vol. 36 (2011), p. 651-670
187   other: Another piece of the puzzle, or is it? CJEU on photographs as copyright works
M. van Eechoud (2011)
188  download 454008 Chapter: Friends or foes? Creative Commons, freedom of information law and the EU Framework for Reuse of Public Sector Information
M. van Eechoud in: Open content licensing: from theory to practice (2011), p. 169-202
189   Chapter: Questionnaire - boundaries and interfaces: answers by the Dutch ALAI group
M. van Eechoud, S. van Gompel, L. Guibault, B. van der Sloot, B. Hugenholtz in: ALAI Dublin 2011: national reports (2011)
190  download 483276 Article: About network neutrality 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0
N. van Eijk in: Computers & Law, Vol. 21 (2011), p. 1-4