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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2010

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11  download 216652 Chapter: Product placement in European audiovisual productions
C. Angelopoulos in: Product placement (2010), p. 7-21
12   Article: Centralization versus decentralization as a risk-return trade-off
A. Arcuri, G. Dari-Mattiacci in: The Journal of Law & Economics, Vol. 53 (2010), p. 359-378
13   Chapter: International law-making by non-state actors: changing the model or putting the phenomenon into perspective?
J. d' Aspremont in: Non-state actor dynamics in international law: from law-takers to law-makers (2010), p. 171-194
14  download 345889 Chapter: Le tyrannicide en droit international
J. d' Aspremont in: The right to life (2010), p. 287-313
15  download 345890 Article: Mapping the concepts behind the contemporary liberalization of the use of force in international law
J. d' Aspremont in: University of Pennsylvania journal of international law, Vol. 31 (2010), p. 1089-1148
16   Article: Multilateral versus unilateral exercises of universal criminal jurisdiction
J. d' Aspremont in: Israel Law Review, Vol. 43 (2010), p. 301-329
17   Article: Reinforcing the (neo-)Hobbesian representations of international law
J. d' Aspremont in: Journal of International Relations and Development, Vol. 13 (2010), p. 85-103
18   Article: Responsibility for coups d'├ętat in international law
J. d' Aspremont in: Tulane journal of international and comparative law, Vol. 18 (2010), p. 451-475
19   Article: The creation of states before the International Court of Justice: which (il)legality?
J. d' Aspremont in: The Hague Justice Portal, Vol. 2010 (2010), p. 8
20  download 345891 Chapter: The doctrinal illusion of heterogeneity of international law-making processes
J. d' Aspremont in: Select proceedings of the European Society of International Law. - Vol. 2 (2010), p. 297-312