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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2008

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391   Report: International Settlement of Mass Atrocity Claims: Responses by Domestic Courts Inventory Report
E. Kristjansdottir (2008)
392   Article: De VS als bewaker van de vrijheid van navigatie
P.J.J. van der Kruit in: Marineblad, Vol. 3 (2008), p. 22-25
393   Article: Opleiding tot militair jurist
P.J.J. van der Kruit in: Militair Rechtelijk Tijdschrift, Vol. 101 (2008), p. 71-78
394   Chapter: Chapter 13: External relations
P.J. Kuijper in: Law of the European Union and the European Communities (2008), p. 1273-1365
395   Chapter: Customary international law, decisions of international organisations and other techniques for ensuring respect for international legal rules in European Community law
P.J. Kuijper in: The Europeanisation of International Law (2008), p. 87-106
396   Chapter: Does the World Trade Organization prohibit retorsions and reprisals? Legitimate “Contracting out” or “Clinical Isolation” again?
P.J. Kuijper in: The WTO: Governance, Dispute Settlement and Developing Countries (2008), p. 695-708
397   Book: Of ‘mixity’ and ‘double-hatting’: EU external relations law explained
P.J. Kuijper (2008), 26 p.
398   Chapter: Preface
P.J. Kuijper in: The European Union and Crisis Management, Policy and Legal Aspects (2008), p. 5-9
399   Chapter: The opinion on the Lugano Convention and the implied external relations powers of the European Community
P.J. Kuijper in: Justice, liberty, security: New challenges for EU external relations (2008), p. 187-210
400  download 509818 Article: Arms and the man: the US Supreme Court anno domine 2008
H. Kurzbauer in: Ars Aequi, Vol. 57 (2008), p. 437-440