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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2003

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361   Report: Household Consumption and Savings Around the Time of Births and the Role of Education
A.S. Kalwij (2003), p. 27
362  download 115644 Report: Household consumption and savings around the time of births and the role of education.
A.S. Kalwij (2003), p. 30
363  download 115417 Report: Individuals’ unemployment durations over the business cycle
A.S. Kalwij (2003), p. 36
364   Report: Individuals’ Unemployment Durations over the Business Cycle
A.S. Kalwij (2003), p. 39
365  download 115378 Report: Permanent and transitory wage ineguality of British men, 1975-2001: year, age and cohort effects
A.S. Kalwij, R. Alessie (2003), p. 34
366   Report: Permanent and transitory wage inequality of British men, 1975-2001: Year, age and cohort effects
A.S. Kalwij, R. Alessie (2003), p. 37
367  download 487661 Report: Teleworking policies of organisations: the Dutch experience
M. van Klaveren, K. Tijdens (2003), p. 25
368   Chapter: General Report, Part I
J.K. Kleffner, Ch. Garraway in: Compatibility of national legal systems with the statute of the permanent international criminal court, Compatibilite des systemes juridiques nationaux avec le statut de la cour penale internationale permanente, Sixteenth International Congress, Seizieme Congres International, Rome 1-5 April/avril 2003 (2003), p. 43-82
369   Report: Informal expert paper for the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: "The Principle of Complementarity in Practice"
J.K. Kleffner, X. Agirre, A. Cassese (2003)
370   Article: The impact of complementarity on national implementation of substantive international criminal law
J.K. Kleffner in: Journal of International Criminal Justice, Vol. 1 (2003), p. 86-113